Are you looking for remote desktop tools? Here you will find free best desktop tools for your computer. Many years have passed in remote desktop devices and facilities. Most of these tools and facilities are designed with IT administrators and managers making it easy for IT support personnel to use multiple computers with a single ‘master’ computer. Thankfully, there are thousands of remote desktop tools and features that blur the boundaries between your devices.

Below is the list of remote desktop tools.

  1. TeamViewer

It is possible to reach the team running TeamViewer through a web browser. Although the core of the application is the remote control of the computer, it includes the features of sharing and presentation.

  1. Splashtop

SplashTop enables users to connect and control computers from desktop and mobile devices. Unlike products that use Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol, SplashTop Remote uses its own closed, proprietary protocol.

  1. Chrome Remote Desktop

It transfers keyboard and mouse events from one computer to another and sends graphical screen updates over the network.

  1. Mikogo

Mikogo is a desktop sharing software application for web conferencing and remote support and is provided by online support provider Snap view GmbH.

  1. TightVNC

It is an effective combination of JPEG and Jalib compression mechanism. Although at a lower frame rate, it is possible to watch video via broadband connection and play DirectX games via Tight VNC.

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