Looking for computer drivers? Here you can find the best free driver for your computer. Device drivers are components of computer software that allow application programs to interact with hardware components. For example, sound card drivers allow multimedia applications to transmit sound to a computer speaker. When the user directs a program to adjust the sound, there is driver software attached to the sound card. The hardware is responsible for giving instructions, so it can change the volume sent to the speaker. There are drivers for all hardware components. Windows operating systems come with many generic drivers already installed.

Here is a list of the best computer drivers.

  • Audio Driver

This driver controls the instructions on the audio card. The default installation location for this driver is the C: \\ Windows \\ System32 \\ driver. Files shared with other drivers are also used outside of this folder.

  • Graphics Card Driver

The graphics card is responsible for handling the contents of the images displayed on the computer monitor. Use computer management to find out which graphics cards are in the computer.

  • Modem Driver

Modems are responsible for connecting a computer to a telephone network. They are used as backup devices with broadband routers, using broad, wireless, or Ethernet connectivity to provide access to the Internet or local network.

  • System Device Drivers

The Windows operating system comes with several built-in drivers to handle key components of the hardware system. Expand the “System Devices” module in Computer Management to see a list of all the devices supported under this category.