Free Android games and applications are available here. We simply refuse to install free Android games and applications that cost no money on in-app purchases, and we hope you enjoy them! If you want free Android games and applications without having to buy any apps, we have that list below. Let us begin.

  • Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile is the latest game on this list. We usually wait a while to see how the game is played, but it is so popular and so intense that we had to add it basically immediately. The game includes classic online FPS PvP just like any call duty.

  • PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile has not been out globally in a long time. However, it is one of the first available mobile shooters. It involves a royal battle of 100 players on a small island. Players collect gear, weapons and vehicles on the island and compete against it. The winner is the last person.

  • Candy crush saga

In the game, players complete the level by changing the coloured pieces of candy on the game board to make three or more matches of the same colour, remove these candies from the board and replace them with new ones. Which could potentially make more matches.

  • subway surfers

In the game, players play the role of young graffiti artists, crossing railway tracks to rescue an inspector and his dog when they are caught in the process of graffiti at a metro railway site.

  • temple run 2

The game also includes new power-ups, commonly used by the energy bar, which is full of coins, and players now can use the accumulated green gems while running.