We are offering you a free mobile applications for android and IOS mobiles. You will find here all kinds of the mobile applications for free. When we choose apps to add to our roundup, we are followed by people who are basically in two areas: function and design. An active app is either unique in its capabilities or just works better than others. Interesting to use great design applications. Since Android is here, we like apps that look at home on this updated OS, although most people cannot take advantage of the new version.

Here is a list of the mobile applications.


BBC NEWS Free the BBC’s official news app for Android, and IOS is a well-designed way to scoot quickly through its stories, from UK and world through to technology, business, and entertainment.


You tell it what websites you like, and it pulls down the latest stories, while also letting you search for keywords of specific topics, you are interested in.


One of the strong points of Android Free Android is its amazing robot logo, which has benefited a lot from Google’s own Android app.


BUILD APP Free This app is still in beta, but if you are thinking of moving to a new house or redecorating, it could still prove invaluable.


It is easy to use and the maps are clear and detailed. Although built into Android, and IOS this standalone version is updated frequently.

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